Application technical specifications
data display telematics (Web Server)

The proposed remote surveillance imaging application complies with the following technical specifications.

– The application is WEB based and runs remotely. No need to install any program or application. It works on any modern PC or mobile phone/tablet through a web browser program.

– Displays in real time information received from the devices (trackers).

     ▪ Minimum time between location and data updates is 5 seconds.

– The application sends notifications in the form of Pop-ups, e-mails, webhooks for predefined events.

– Events are defined by the available data sent by each device depending on the connected sensors and peripherals.

– The app sends scheduled route and event reports via e-mail.

– The application provides the ability to export reports with a selection in time periods.

– The application stores device data for 6 months.

– The application can create different user accounts with different rights for each user. E.g. different users to monitor different objects and receive corresponding notifications and reports based on them.

– The application adapts to the needs and requirements of the user

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